このヒンジの為に開発した専用の工具を使用し、取り付けと交換が容易で装用時ははずれ難いという理想的な設置構造が特徴です。眼鏡本体にパットを取り付ける方法としては過去の眼鏡史には存在しない世界初の構造になり、2016年に特許を取得しました(特許 第6039851号)。貝を開く様な取り付け方法と形状から貝型丁番(シェル型ヒンジ)という名称を付けました。

The shell shaped hinge attached to the shell pad has an original construction for attaching and it took more than two years from concept to commercialization of product. This hinge is easy to exchange and attach, yet tight when putting on by using the original tool developed for this hinge, which has a really ideal construction for attaching. The way of attaching a pad directly to a frame body is the world 1st construction which has never been existed in the eyewear history. We obtained the patent (patent no.6039851) in 2016. We have named Shell-Shaped Hinge from the attaching way like to open a shell and its shape.