The part to be a starting point of the design of 10 eyevan is this βtitanium Torx screw.
The design of 10 eyevan started from a point we want to make this screw.
Torx screw, having high power transmission and beautiful hexagon shaped screw-head occurring less cam-out phenomenon, is called the best of screws. Furthermore, applying a process called OS lock to prevent from loosing , and adopting theβtitanium material makes the part strong enough to endure to use at a hinge.
We asked Mr. Maruyama, who has been developing the rim, the important part to hold a lens, for about 40 years, for the titanium wire drawing, and produced at a manufacturer specialized in screws. The development of this completely new screw required more than 3 years to clear various issues including the durability of a mold.
Screws, completed by combining the know-how of the screw craftsman with the technology using the latest machine the factory has, are the ones materialized the concept of the brand placing equal value in the function and in the beauty.